Woke up with fear in my gut
Wanted to keep my eyes tight shut
Got no money in the bank, it’s a deep and empty tank
Annual increase is laughable
Totally irrational
I must look like a sucker to those rich motherfuckers
In their castles on the hill while I work myself ill
So I didn’t do my hair because I don’t care

I didn’t paint my face and not by mistake

its a rebellion

against the reccession that has become my life

of the highs and the lows and the anything goes

the why’s and the woes and the who fuck knows

I’m tired

mired in this uphill treadmill

of going nowhere slowly

headed to the end lonely

I have to say, it’s been a lackluster day



I write a lot
sometimes I just can’t stop
posts stored away
never seen the light of day
posts marked incomplete
and others complete
scribbled ideas
half done and in arrears
for fear they will not please

but no more
these words implore
we want to breathe
we want to leave
the confined darkness
from where we started
let us show what you know
all the highs and all the lows
so I agreed to set free
these many pieces of me
I hope you’re ready
there’s stories aplenty

Pieces of copywrite

Each word and thought is my mine alone
please don’t present them as your own
these stories of my crazy life
are battle scars I wear with pride
they prove I’m brave and strong and true
and sometimes just a little cuckoo…. cuckoo…..

So come rhyme or come reason
please don’t inflict treason
let me own what I say
to keep my ghosts at bay

Yours in mental health
Pieces of Bipolar

So angry I could burst

I am so angry I could burst
rail against the world at its worst
betrayals and dishonesty
served with cold hypocrisy

I don’t care anymore
being ‘nice’ is such a chore
no reward
to record
except fraud

I am so angry I could burst
as if my life has been cursed
a foundation lies scattered
did I ever really matter?

I don’t care anymore
I hurt to the core
trust is thin
future grim
god, I hate him

I am so angry I could burst
so this time I’ll put me first
only accept what’s good for me
everything else is history

take great care
be self-aware
and dare
to be a Dolly Parton millionaire

Catch you when you fall

you should have caught her
now she’s drowned in water
up to her neck
did you forget
the effect
of a fractured heart
when life falls apart

an abandoned guide
no doubt will slide
to buckled knees
hearing her pleas
for early release
too much damage
a hopeless challenge

I should have caught her
I was the daughter
guilt runs unchecked
and goes direct
to infect
a drifting soul that’s broken
by all things left unspoken