This old dog learns new tricks

What a triumph! I actually took part in a social activity. The Animal Anti-Cruelty League charity had a 4km fun walk; the fun part being we actually walked the rescued dogs. I joined a lift club/convoy with some ladies from work for the 80km round trip. I’ve never socialized with people from work. I’ve been invited but always say no. So once we got to the venue and I got out the car, one of the ladies exclaimed – Pieces! You’re the last person I expected to see here. She was thrilled I had joined in and kept telling me how happy was to see me there.

I asked for a fat, lazy dog to walk because I didn’t want to pull or strain my back. Well, Pebbles wasn’t fat or lazy… just old and we had a steady stroll along the marked trail winding through the farmlands, with plenty of watering troughs for the dogs. Out in nature, walking a dog, life really doesn’t get any better!

Pebbles wasn’t interested in leading the pack

Pebbles and I enjoy the scenery



Meet me at Rainbow Bridge

Bonbon, goodbye my precious boy




My heart broke into pieces when I heard you had died. My boy, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you ’til the end. You watched your brothers and sister go for the ride in the car and not ever come home. I should have been there when your time came. I would have held you in my arms as I did the others. I would have comforted and reassured you and looked into your eyes so that your final glimpse of this world was of someone who loved you.

Bonnies, you came into my life quite by surprise. You were the first of our family to arrive and the last to leave. You were a strong boy. That’s why I named you Mad Max. Your father rescued you when, as a kitten, you fell into a 2m deep concrete drainage trench. Some men from the workshop tried to use you for ‘target practice’. But your father saved you that day. You beat the odds, you were fierce, fast and inquisitive, and that’s why I gave you the brave name, Max.

When you joined the family you were so small you fitted in the palm of my hand. Having faced that trauma as a kitten, you grew up to be a skittish boy. I always tried to comfort you during a thunderstorm or make you feel safe if guests arrived. In return, you brought comfort, companionship and unconditional love into my life.

My boy, I’ve missed you since I left, and I now mourn your death. Today my world felt more empty than usual. I hope you are once again united with Georgie, Judge and Abby. Don’t forget Bonnies, to meet me at Rainbow Bridge.

I love you