This website reflects individual pieces of true accounts from my personal bipolar life. Since bipolar is classified as a mental illness, one should keep in mind that the author of this blog is most probably and certainly possibly (there have been rumours), guaranteed to be totally and completely cracker-jacks crazy. Or not. Life can be subjective, objectively speaking.

No part of this blog should be viewed as medical advice. This website is in no way, shape or form professional. I assept responsablty for any spellink errors, misuse of the meaning of words, reprehensible grammar and any hint of dyslexia. I blame everything on Lithium, divorce lawyers and my ex-husband.

I am an advocate of friendship, chocolate, honesty, carbohydrates and sleeping in. Preferably until early evening. Question everything, ask anything, assume nothing. Exaggeration is to be expected, drama guaranteed. Melancholy is compulsary. Swearing is declassified and falls under the category, freedom of speech. No question off limits, no story too intimate and no shame too shameful. Except that one time…..

This website does not discriminate against: having been committed, married, hospitalised, ECT, divorced, domestic abuse, living as a recluse, shaking hands, dry mouth, muffin tops, tattoo’s, turning 40, hair falling out, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain again, self-harm, eating disorders and broken thyroids.

Beware use of fancy words like ‘trigger’ or ‘episodes’. Wildly extravagant shopping sprees at the $1 store, inappropriate behaviour (sexual or otherwise), an absence of social boundaries and the author believing she’s fabulous when manic, are all part of the package.

And finally, should you happen to find this blog like, totally awesome, I strongly recommend you seek medical advice. From, like, professionals ‘n stuff.

Over and out

for now…..



  1. I’m so impressed with the way you write – and can really sympathise with you. Well, not quite as I fully respect that no-one can ever understand what you’re going through unless they are going through it themselves – and I am not bipolar. I thought I was for a very long while…but I recently got diagnosed with ADHD, which explains my feelings fully. The symptoms for ADHD and bipolar are uncannily similar, although I can’t imagine the extent of bipolar. I am really sorry to hear how depressing things can be, but it’s great that your writing is an outlet to your pain. Mine is also, and whilst I look forward to reading more of your posts, you may like to have a look at mine? I’m very new to my diagnosis and my blog, however have suffered with Anxiety and OCD for as long as I can remember before my ADHD diagnosis, so my attitude to mental health is obviously first hand. Here is a link to my blog: agirlwithadhd.wordpress.com
    I look forward to following your blog for a very long time! xo

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      1. No problem – I think everyone needs some building up of confidence every now and then! And thank you so much it would be greatly appreciated. I think mental health is something that should be talked about without stigma, and what you’re doing (and I’m trying to do) is excellent!

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