Each word and thought is my mine alone

please don’t present them as your own

these stories of my crazy life

are battle scars I wear with pride

they prove I’m brave and strong and true

and sometimes just a little cuckoo…. cuckoo…..

So come rhyme or come reason

please don’t inflict treason

let me own what I say

to keep my ghosts at bay

Yours in mental health

Pieces of Bipolar



  1. You use words like a graceful ballet dancer uses her ballet slippers. I want to comment on other posts of yours but for some reason, I cannot find the comment spot. Your post about not ever feeling comfortable in your body ever again was as though you understood how I feel in my body now. I have gained 25 pounds since detoxing and the weight alone has made it so hard not to go back. Anorexia is one of the closest relatives of drug addiction. It has to be hard. Hopefully, I will figure out why I cannot comment on other posts. I love them all. This copyright post is exceptional. I am going to reblog it.

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Say what you mean, and mean what you say

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