Secret’s consequence

what he’s done

has left me numb

needless secrets

heartless meanness

Not a tear shall be shed

‘cos he made his own bed

liar, liar, pants on fire

falsehoods that you did conspire

a trust unstable

from your betrayal

a trust once earned

has now been spurned

a trust once honest

has lost its promise

let liquor be your mistress

while I go ’bout my business

I’m better off without you

a man whose heart is untrue



  1. Your do strong to just walk away in past relationships I found it really hard to let go unless it was on my terms. I stupidly had a fling at uni which my husband didn’t know drink and hypermanic started it . We had a few meet ups and slept together he flirted and played games and said just to be friends and it upset me which is stupid and shouldn’t have happened he wants to be friends I can’t so iv cut him off there’s no in between. Well done u though stay strong sending hugs xx

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