Racing thoughts control the day

Racing thoughts are not just “thinking fast.” They are thoughts that just won’t be quiet. They can be in the background of other thoughts or take over a person’s consciousness, and they can gallop out-of-control around and around in the sufferer’s head [source]

This is what my racing thoughts look like on paper…..

..a jumble of half-written ideas; the beginnings of poems with no constructed endings which lie long forgotten from an hour earlier; a well considered response to a post, half done; a to-do list that’s already been replaced by another urgent task my mind JUST . WILL . NOT . LET . GO . But first I need to just jot this down because something else will soon snatch my brain into another direction. Again. Each potential interest from hairstyles to blog, from cooking to politics is thoroughly researched and cross-checked on google. But before I’m even able to get started on chasing this new idea, I’m snagged from another side…. captivated by exercise and dog grooming, on-line shopping, facts about snakes and Japan’s Suicide Forest and the thread of a poem that is itching to be released.

And work? Oh, I lost track of that a long, long time ago. Probably before I first walked into the office today. I’ve been so busy inside my own head I haven’t had time to either work or execute any of my incoherent plans or good intentions. Haven’t been able to concentrate long enough to accomplish anything yet. And its nearly home time. This adictively unproductive day has certainly raced by. Yesterday I was depressed. My emotions were a gaping wound of fear and tears and sorrow. Today I’m exhausted, not hypomanic, but my thoughts are running wild.



  1. To me the thing that’s so unsettling about racing thoughts is that I think my physical body should match the pace somehow, and I want to speed things up! But I can’t go that fast! Sorry for your hard day, hope you get to relax after work. ❤

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