Sciatica, surgery, sanity

The sciatica pain became unbearable. It was driving me to the brink of insanity. Bearing in mind I only needed a nudge to get me there anyway. Even the prescription painkillers were no longer working. So after 5 months of unrelenting pain, I had to accept I had no control over this situation. I had done everything right – physio, chiro, pain management. But it kept getting worse. The combination of bipolar meds and pain meds were wreaking havoc with my moods, and the pain meds were beginning to eat into my stomach. So I had to pack my pride and self-sufficiency away and accept surgery as the only option.

All the meds I was taking for the pain

In hospital the MRI scans revealed a rapid and massive degeneration of the herniated disc, so under the knife I went. It came with no surprise that my surgery had complications because hey, I’m a complicated gal. The sciatic nerve plus another nerve were pinched and both were so compacted into the herniated disc that the neurosurgeon could not tell the nerves apart from the disc. He had to call in his boss to assist. Apparently a renown neurosurgeon in South Africa who was due to retire in one months time. I was told I was extremely fortunate to have been under his care because there was a real risk of me being left paralyzed. One false move and all of that. But after a 9 hour surgery that usually takes 2-4 hours, I emerged from the anesthetic intact.

Rehabilitation with a physio for 6 weeks and a hefty dose of grit and determination, had me on my feet, mobile and able to sit for extended periods. What a journey. I was off work for 7 weeks. So much for my new year’s resolution to have less absenteeism. But this was one resolution I was happy to break. Coming so close to not being able to walk again has changed my outlook on life. I have a greater determination to live. To enjoy and appreciate. To be grateful for all that I have. To have fun. I feel so far removed from the desperate depression I was in last year. I feel as if I’ve been given a second chance.



  1. Hey Pieces, so glad you are better. I had no idea. I knew something was up but we just didn’t know. God was looking out for you. No other way around it. You could have been paralyzed, your life could have changed dramatically, but you were in His hands and He saw you through it. I am so happy for you that you have again found your zest for life. I can see the smile on your face. It beams as bright as the sun. I wish for you many years of peace and fun. God bless.

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    1. Thanks Eric. I didn’t really believe in god. Before surgery my friend kept telling me “don’t be afraid, God is on your shoulder”. Well, he certainly was. When I think what could of happened…. I am so grateful now for the life I have πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m grateful that you are healthy now. And grateful that you are open-minded about God and His love. The mystery of it all is what keeps me coming back.

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    1. I’m doing okay. Still having to take anti-inflamatories for the muscular pain (the residue of the sciatica muscle spasm). Thankfully oh so thankfully I’m no longer in pain. Sore muscles really is all that’s left. I have to make a commitment to daily exercising and pilates core building stuff for the rest of my life to prevent a relapse of the slipped disc. Daily exercise is challenging, but I’m so gratefully to be able to walk, to stride, to skip. Its simply wonderful xx

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  2. So glad I did drop by. I saw you liked something I commented on Vic’s blog. Found your story inspiring. I do believe in God I have seen His Hand on health circumstances which to others have appeared ‘impossible” but my role is never to be ‘preachy’ enough of that in this world of such confusion and problems but I do believe passionately in the new beginnings possible in stories like yours. a NEW beginning, a new chance to re-assess your life. I want for you all of these things. May you appreciate fully who you are, what beauty is left for you to see and may you know in gratitude for past problems you have a Gift to inspire and encourage others. Chronic pain and mental health – there is a HOPE and a future for all. Working through the circumstances and not letting (sometimes unhelpful and unnecessary medications dull the possibilities). Ahead in life for you and all of us in fact ARE …………unexpected and unlimited possibilities. Thanks for sharing your story.

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    1. Thank you Faye. You have such a wonderful way about you. So gentle with always it seems just the right words. Thank you for taking the time to read a piece of my story. I really do appreciate that. Time is a priceless commodity these days. And thank you for what you’ve said… its inspiring, validating and gave me goose bumps πŸ™‚ Vic has always been so good to me. We started blogging at around the same time. I just want him to know he is loved, appreciated and supported. Many thanks for the message. You are a beautiful human being ❀


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