connection failed….. *sigh*

I still can’t get into WordPress from my home internet connection/my laptop.

Sometimes I can, but most times I can’t.

The IT guys have tried to remedy the situation without success.

I can get in at work.  But, well, I have to work.

So I’m not being rude, or ignoring you.  In fact, I’m quite upset by the whole thing and miss everyone.

So please bear with me while I try to remedy the situation.




  1. Have you and painkills2 taken a break from blogging? Past few times I have surfaced from the pits of hell, I haven’t been seeing new content from y’all and wasn’t sure if it’s my app or not, which was acting up for a while… I don’t see recent posts from either of you, both of which are missed on my feed quite dearly.

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    1. Hey bipolerstone, thanks for reaching out. I’ve been absent for the past 3 months. Been thinking about you too. Had surgery and recovery and all that but fine now. I learned yesterday that painkills2 (Johnna Stahl) passed away sometime in March. Back blogging yesterday I searched and searched for her. Then found her memorial site []. I’m at a loss. She was an amazing friend and an important part of my life. I just can’t believe she’s gone

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      1. Oh my fucking god. Oh, dear. Dude. I am so so so sorry to to hear that. I … wow. I am just so sorry. She had an irreplaceable outlook and style. I appreciate the information. My heart hurts to know she, such a valuable part of your life, is gone.

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      2. lol… well I’m glad you’re back. Jonnha brought me back at the end of 2015 we a “where you be, jelly bean”. Had it not been for that I never would have survived 2016. I look forward to your posts. You write beautifully

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