The Hospital Chronicles – Part 5

I was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for a week.  I’ve had my medication adjusted, an addition to my diagnosis and received some invaluable therapy.  This is a documentation of all that I learned


an insomniac with a tired brain
and a leg that’s in pain
is bipolar not enough
to drive me nuts
now doc says I’m ADD
‘cos I can’t focus you see
and to add fire to the flame
he went on to explain
I am dyslexic
did Life handpick
me to be a statistic?
its unrealistic
to burden me so
as it pulls me low
to a point I may not rise
against the incoming tide
enough is enough Life
may 2017 bring some respite



      1. As a comparison, I don’t spend a lot of time creating a post. I type about 100 wpm, so as my fingers fly over the keys, sometimes there’s a little bit of smoke. Or maybe that’s coming from my ears? 🙂

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