WordPress is ghosting me

We connect intermittently. When I search for him, he takes so long to respond. And mostly he doesn’t respond at all. On the rare occasion he does, we don’t connect for very long. It seems he doesn’t likes me these days. I just can’t read him anymore. The worst part is, I have no control over what he does. Honestly, I’m thinking of leaving him and looking for someone else.



    1. Yes, only WordPress. Infuriating. Can get into any other site in all of humanity. And now… I can get in. An hours time? WHO THE HELL KNOWS. I go back to work tomorrow so will do stuff from there and then next week the IT guys are back so hopefully it gets fixed. If not I’ll do a blog on tumblr. Will let you know

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      1. I hope you won’t make me sign up for a tumblr account. My brain only has the capacity to work in so many platforms. What did you do to piss off the WordPress god? Have you thought about making an offering? Maybe a blow job? 🙂 😀

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      2. lololol You make me laugh out loud! If I knew what I’d done… I’d apologise WHILE giving a blowjob. Hey, I’m open to do anything to get control of my blogging home. You’re smart, I’ll tell you how to follow tumblr (if need be). You’re my bestie ❤ I'd go nowhere without you

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