WordPress is playing hard to get

I have a on-again/off-again relationship with WordPress. He’s playing catch and release. Sometimes he teases me. Letting me get to the login pages. And then he shuts down. He’s so emotionally unavailable. Sometimes I get to second base – the Reader. But then he gets all coy with me and won’t reveal your posts. Very rarely does he allow the intimacy of publishing a post. I’m worried he’s cheating on me with another blogger.

Realising we were having error messages – ERR_WTF_DTR – I sought the help of specialists . First, I was told to change my browser. Ohmygod! Now I’m going to have abandonment issues. I had to clear out my cache which made me wonder if he was only with me for my money. Check out proxy settings, they said. Look, I don’t know who this chick Proxy Settings is, but she’d better not be messin’ with my man! So I threw out all my money and hired Cheaters But no matter how many times I googled, WordPress kept rejecting me. Don’t you like me?! Am I just another plugin to you? Are you giving me the slow fade?

I went back to the specialist and they tagged me as the problematic link, not him. Had I checked my security settings recently, they asked? So I checked my search engine and that’s when I realised how insecure I am with WordPress. I plan to configure myself and become the feature image he’s always wanted me to be. All this time I thought he was ghosting me, but once our internet connection has been restored, we can play post-publish-tag again.



  1. I confess, I’ve been messin’ with your man. See, we’re in love. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it’s my understanding that WordPress has never been monogamous. Surely you know that. Thing is, even if my relationship with WP interferes with our friendship, I can’t let him go…

    “I love him and I don’t care what you think. I love him for the man he wants to be and I love him for the man he almost is.” Jerry Maguire 🙂

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    1. lolololol Love the quote “man he almost is”. So its YOU!! I know he’ never been monogamous, but I thought I could change him. We can share him. Luckily I’m from South Africa, certain cultures are able to have more than one wife (the Zulu culture they legally marry one, then take on other ‘wives’). So, I’m open to an open relationship. Our friendship will remain solid, sister! 😉

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  2. I had problems with my posts not going to the Reader. When I complained, I was told it can take 24 – 48 hours to publish to the Reader. Of course that was complete BS, but the problem eventually resolved itself.

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    1. Yo back attcha 🙂 Eish, I’m having all manner of problems with wordpress. And its STRESSING me out. I’m seriously thinking of transfering to tumblr. But never fear, you’ll be the first to know. Now, on to more pressing matters…. what were you saying about chocolate…?

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      1. I’m prepared to pay the airfare to share a chocolate, baked goods and take a walk with you 🙂 But when you say ‘chocolate somewhere’…. I hope that doesn’t mean inside your tummy. ‘Cos then I’m not paying the airfare ;P

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