WordPress doesn’t want me anymore

I’m having big problems with WordPress at the moment. Most times I can’t access my site or any of your sites and it give me this message. The IT guys at work have given my computer the once over but still its giving me grief. I contacted the wordpress support and this is what they sent me:

everythings-wrong-and-offline everythings-wrong-and-offline-2

So I tried their link and it worked perfectly. For a while. Now again I’m have trouble getting in to my bog. I end up trying a variation of log in https what-you-ma-call-its. One works for that particular log in, but when I want to log in later, it DOESN’T WORK! And I am given this screen:


WTF! I’m extremely frustrated and feel like looking for an alternative. If anyone can give me suggestions I’d be most grateful. This is really stressing me out. Loading your sites to read your posts is a nightmare. I thought this hospital stay would give me the time to catch up. But I keep getting kicked out or it takes FORRRR-EVERRRRR to load! I’m trying and will keep trying to catch up with all your posts.




  1. When ever ive been in the hospitol i allways have trouble with my connection. It probably that. I thought wordpress was a place to express yourself no matter what and if it is not and it is in fact a place where they take content from people and throw them off the website then I wont want to be there,please let me know if they explain to you because if they dont,then they are guilty

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    1. I send the other error message to them and they replied again that its something on my side. Well if it is, why can I occassionally get access… like right now. And they told me to do XYZ – which I’ve already done. THEN she adds, ‘PS – I’m only a volunteer. WTF!!????? So is she doing me a special favour? Volunteer or not, they must get this shit fixed. All my friends are on wordpress. I don’t want to lose contact with them. I’m about to blow a fuse I’m so angry. But thank you for your comment and support. I really appreciate it

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  2. Do not stress over my stuff. I post somethings I know you like just to help cheer you up. I can just e-mail that to you, I worry about you kid. Just drop me a line from time to time if you keep having trouble with Word Press and let me know how your doing. Be good to yourself. Peace, Marshall

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  3. I am assuming you are on a “free” WordPress account. Not that it matters. I don’t know if the paid accounts have better customer service or not, but WordPress needs to address this issue more closely. That being said, your IT folks gave it the “once-over”? Did they suggest you clearing out your browser cache? I find that when there are sites that won’t load for me it’s helpful to clear your history and Windows temp cache. Also, you mentioned you are/were in the hospital – as with the other comments, I suspect it could be isolated to the hospital’s internet access equipment and policies. Check your access at home and see if you are still having the trouble.

    I do hope it is only a glitch at the hospital and not a bug in your computer.


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  4. Hi friend

    I would complete to above suggestions. My first question, are you having the issue only at work? If you’re MAC you restart in Recovery Mode. It sounds like you’re using Laptop at several places. If so, there could be any number of issues. Many of my errors I’ve created. I’ll suggest to use different computers and work. It could be a combo, at work ask IT to check your % on connection you have. That will tap into the monitoring, virus software. If there is a to check your % of strength of connection.
    My husband has a work laptop, the company installed extra protection to fend off virus, malware and any number of thing. He can’t access the Internet on his computer. He rarely sends me an email, most time IT
    doesn’t send message.

    My guess, it’s several; issues. issues are with WP settings, work settings or needs to reinstall you to connection. At the heart of issue I would focus on work, spend nice calm time with IT, they can see if anything possible setting is off. Start the conversation with, (Hi, I hope you can help me), (I’ve heard you guys are great and solving difficult problem.) You respect CS and a bit of icing.

    I could ask a ton of questions and get nowhere near the problem. At this point you don’t know for sure WP is apart. of issues. The questions between work and connection at home.
    This is an age old problem and host of others happen every yr during holidays. Last year CS was on 2 week vacation, not even a few working, CS closed down. I got caught of guard, no support, twiddling thumbs until they returned.

    I would focus the questions on work, since you take laptop outside of work, ask how the computer knows you left the Work server to use at home, what can go wrong with switching for Server to Server.
    At the same time, not knowing if CS is shutting down. Rush to CS now, keep all communication between you and WP, they provide a report that shows every step WP said. Go to FAQ’s and drill down to see if any info about the problem or close to problem.
    You can run a variety of test, I’ve lost me Windows skills. I’m on MAC. From there look at FAQ’s on Windows or FAQ’s on how to do basic testing on the connection at home.

    If you don’t clear mail trash, all the weekly reports so people want. I can go into the Network Settings and see how strong the connection is. So many changes can happen in a update. on, on, on…..The issues may not be WITH WP, WP may send signals and the issue not be there’s.

    Hurt so good? Can’t wait to hear how it shakes out.

    🙂 M

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    1. Gosh M! Thank you for the advice. You know a lot of the technical stuff. I don’t understand it all. Fellow bloggers have mentioned they too are having problems so I suspect it was a WordPress problem. I was so upset because I’m in hospital and wanted nothing but to blog! But maybe it was a blessing in disguise ‘cos I got to rest which is what I was there for – not to blog !! I’m happy to report I seem to be up and running again. I appreciate the time and effort taken to give advice, I know its not always possible or easy for you 🙂 xx


  5. From what I understand WP has had a rough weekend lol. Apparently they made some changes on Friday and have been out of the office since. I’m keeping my ear to the ground about it for now and I’ll keep ya posted. For now deep breaths. Have you got a smartphone you could put the WP app on? That’s how I use this thing exclusively and although still problematic, seems to be more functional atm than the puter version. Hang in there lady xoxo


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