Self-love has been the missing piece

I’ve had a bit of an revelation regarding my distressing feelings of ‘aloneness’. I’m thinking its not about being alone. Rather its about being alone with somebody I don’t like. Me! I don’t like myself. I certainly don’t love myself. No one enjoys the company of someone they don’t like. That must be an unpleasant and distressing experience…..? So now I’ve discovered the faulty wiring of my thought pattern, hopefully I can begin to work towards developing self-love and live in harmony, not ‘aloneness’ with myself.




  1. This is my biggest struggle…I panic at the thought of being with me. She’s weird. What do you do to feel better? I frantically find distractions…dunno if that’s healthy tho lol. Good luck ms lady, do keep us posted. Xoxo


    1. I keep myself busy. A lot of the time I when I’m depressed I just sleep time away. I don’t mind being alone, I just miss having someone to talk to. I go entire weekends not using my voice at all. Thanks for the support and I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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    1. I nearly didn’t post it because I thought its such a simple complex and what fool I am for only catching on now! But its not simple. Its complex and vital to our healthy survival. I’m so glad you were able to identify


  2. You have not been paying attention, now have you young lady. I have been on a mission about that. I have even got haters now because of it. Beauty on the inside = Beauty on the outside / Ugly inside = Ugly outside. So, you must be the clone of an angel. I found some classic pic’s and posted them with a hint to you at the bottom. Peace, Marshall


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