It’s alive, it’s alive!

At this point I can only laugh. I was chopping up my dinner (salad) when I felt a strange sensation. My bum cheek had a heartbeat! Well, if you want to be technical, my glute had a heartbeat.

Sciatica occurs when a disc between the vertebrae slips or herniates and presses against the sciatic nerve – also known as a slipped disk or a pinched nerve. The brain is a drama queen and goes all like – ohmygod ohmygod something’s pinching something important! And the body goes all – never fear, muscle spasms are here. So, like a Game of Thrones episode, the muscles join forces and launch a siege against the pinching of something important. They surround the sciatic nerve and bunch together to support this cry-baby, which quite frankly is getting on my last nerve….


I can only presume that these armies of muscles are taking a bit of strain. Getting a bit wobbly? Twitchy? Well the poor things have been in spasm for over three months so I don’t blame their fluttering of failure. So I grabbed my trusty bag of frozen veggies – and sat my ass down on that shit! Alas, two hours later, and my ass is still doing its tap dance – thumpety, thump-thump, thumpety thump


  1. Have you tried basil oil? I order it on amazon maybe $5 a bottle…rub it on any area of pain and it works…idk how. I get blinding migraines sometimes and that shits a miracle. Just pls don’t drink it. lol. Xoxo

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      1. Well I never thought topical would work on a migraine but it sure does! This isn’t tiger balm it’s nature so it’s more trustworthy haha. Morphine will def do the trick tho too yep! But…when you get back home I’ll send you an amazon card for $5 so you can try it and I can shut up lol. Xoxo


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