Caution, lack of focus ahead

It another one of those days. I can’t focus on anything. I only had 3 hours sleep last night. My mind tells me I’m too busy for bed. Agitated and accelerated it now hops from one thing to another. Here I am at work, trying my hardest to concentrate all my efforts on my workload, but……. THERE’S GOOGLE! And I have so many questions and ideas. One site leads me to another and before I know it, I’ve missed my deadline, taken too many smokes breaks, and I’ve got a gazillion tabs open In google that I JUST HAVE TO READ before the end of the day. So many interesting things, but……. WORK! I’m being paid to do a job not to rub shoulders with Mr Google.

*sigh* Today it’s greatly disappointing having to earn a living, when I could be conquering the world with projects and concepts, research and knowledge.





    1. You are absolutely right, Jess. I’m mixing it up between depression and mania like a fruity cocktail. I’m in hospital now to get my sleep pattern back to good order, treat my sciatica pain and add some new meds. I’m all good. But thank you so much for alerting me. I knew I was going off the rails and it was your comment that made me commit to coming to hospital. So THANK YOU for your concern and helping to keep me focused ((hugs)) ❤

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  1. Rofl that paragraph…my life. I can so relate. There’s gotta be something out there for ppl like us that pays…if I find it first I’ll let ya know. Deal? lol
    I’m sorry to laugh it’s just that I can relate. Don’t be too hard on yourself…but maybe if you have a google trail you wanna follow write it down and come back later? Was gonna try that myself but again..nope.
    Oh! Ok…use it as a reward. You do such amount of work and you get a google. ONE. Or maybe a time limit..? Idk. Good luck tho I feel ya. Xo

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    1. Use it as a reward – that dear Echo is a brilliant idea. I am definitely adding that to my skill set. And the time limit too. But since I lose track of time, I will set my phone timer to remind me to get back to work. But hey, I’m with you on that deal. I’ll keep a look out as well 😉

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      1. Aw cool hope it works for ya! Helps with my chain smoking lol. Ugh. I’m gonna try the phone timer thing you said too that’s perfect!
        As for the deal…check out 16personalities if I haven’t already told you about it lol. I tell everyone bc it’s so cool and might help us find our muchness someday. Xoxo

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      1. lol well I do have kind of a trick for stuff like that…almost everything I use is “cute” lol. Meaning I have a stapler that’s smaller than my palm, the dish soap is pink, the broom is bright pretty teal…stuff I have to use to do stuff that bores me I try to buy cute or make it cute somehow myself bc then it feels kinda cute to do said boring task. It really does help tho lol. #lifehacksftw xoxo

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      2. I do too! Well…depending on their ages I bet it could still be done hmm…ever heard of washi tape? I will not rest until your world is cute dammit! Xoxo


      3. Ohmygoodness well go you! You can totally have cute stuff silly :p washi tape is well…tape but pretty lol. I’ve used it for everything from decorating my house to, ya know, taping stuff lol. It’s fun and if you can’t find any I shall send you some it’s an experience everyone should have lol. The lil things in life…xoxo

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  2. I thought I was kinda strange- just now realizing I have been dealing with no Dx for twenty years- Partly cause I am super high functioning, and partly cause I have never slowed down enough to figure out what the hell is going on in my body. Your blog is helpful and inspiring. It’s Real. #somanyopentabs #focus

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