Crime movie shot in South Africa

It’s all in the accent

Just started watching a movie called ‘City of Violence’ which is described as a “hard-hitting crime drama set in South Africa”. Since I’m South African, and SA rarely features in the international film industry, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Although I wouldn’t call watching a south african crime movie as ‘entertainment’. We live some serious shit here every day. My entire dating pool emigrated to Australia a long time ago. BUT, this movie stars a buff Justin Timberlake and I was interested to hear his linguistic interpretation of our accent. And besides, who am I to turn down a bit of eye candy? He put in a good effort, but I confess I was too distracted by his carefully toned and tattooed body to pay much mind. But Forest Whitaker, now he did us justice. He event nailed the Afrikaans accent! Good form. AND there were even some AK47’s. Can’t fault their research – a true representation. However as far CSI capabilities? Fiction I tell you! Our Oscar Pistorius trial was proof of that. I didn’t watch the movie ’til the end – lack of focus. So if your interest is piqued, you’ll have to tell me how it ends. And if the ‘hard-hitting’ crime was solved at the end of the movie, I guarantee you it was pure fantasy.



    1. Ooooooh no, he killed her alright!! He’s languishing in jail getting special treatment with a 6 years sentence, released after 3 years. Reeva’s life only cost 3 years. Disgusting!

      The charge against him was culpable homicide, which means: we know you did it, you know you did, we can prove you did it, but WHY did you do it. The court case revolved around intent. The prosecution tried to show premeditation (you knew she was in the tiny locked toilet area but you shot multiple times through the door. Knowing she was in there?! Duh!!). The defense argued crime of passion, heat of the moment…. ‘accident’. (he was angry with her because she had been texting a celebrity rugby player and…… in a fit of rage……they argue its perfectly understandable, and acceptable, to kill someone because you’re angry)

      The South African justice system is inept. The crime scene was contaminated, evidence went ‘missing’. But in the end he was charged and sentenced. But there has been no justice.

      Facts. He abused women. His ex-girlfriends came forward. His celebrity status bred self-entitlement. He had previous brushes with the law but was never held accountable. More than once he discharged a firearm in a public place endangering lives and he thought it was ‘funny’. He had an obsession with guns . He owned illegal ammunition (which he was also charged for at the same time).

      He has gone from hero to zero. At first he had a private cell because of his disability. He does have his prosthetic legs, but not the blade runners. I doubt he will ever run in those again… unless he’s running from the law. He was abusive with the female prison nurses and several of them refused to go into his cell because he’d throw things at them. He’d hurt them! Now he is serving out his sentence in the hospital ward.

      I pray he never makes a comeback. I pray he is “cut off at the knees” for the remainder of his life. That he is finished and never amounts to anything again. But his family is wealthy and …. well, we all know the sun shines on wealthy people. I don’t care that he is an exceptional olympian. In my eyes, he abused women, he abused power and he took a life. He just another killer to me. You watch, his story’s not over. When he gets out the press will be all over him and nothing will go unnoticed.


      1. Three years!!!! My stomach is in a knot. I am shocked, yet not…athletes, you know, are treated as superhumans beyond the law. Kind of like police officers. Gratuitous violence, no problem….

        I can’t write what I’m thinking. I’m with you in hoping that he gets what’s coming to him.

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