Bail me outta these dog days

My little cable TV package includes everlasting re-runs of Dog The Bounty Hunter. I’m a fan for the pure entertainment element of it. Stop laughing! Come on, you can’t beat the funny factor:

-who wears an open v-neck leather jacket to apprehend a criminal? Someone should tell him to stop.

-when they accidentally mace themselves… wooohooo….lol… that is my all time favourite

-their radio chatter contains far too many “ ten-fours” and “overs”. Has anyone told them they’re not in the actual police force?


-Dog’s steeltoed cowboy boots that don’t bend as he walks. Have you seen him try to run in them? You should, its a real treat.

-I was gobsmacked when I heard Baby Lyssa state a fugitive had a “plethora of girlfriends”. I got the same enjoyment factor during a Cheaters show when a jilted lover admitted to being “duped” by his girlfriend. It thrills me when reality shows use big words

-How may pouches do their clothes have. Filled with a plethora of gadgets that make them look far too weighed down to outrun any fugitive

– Who pulls off a slick hair-backflip while kneeling on a dude pinning him to the ground? Dawg, that’s who. Dog the Bounty Hunter

But jokes aside, what I love most of all is that they treat their fugitives with dignity. Their understanding that to err is human. They attempt to counsel (not preach) and encourage. They pray. They give a shit. Which is a whole lot more that can be said for most of humanity. I know its just their job, and its just another reality show, but I get a lot more than shits ‘n giggles outta this show.

When there’s a setback, it means you have another chance for a comeback

– Beth, wife of Dog The Bounty Hunter

He's a big 'ole puppy dog

He’s a big ‘ole puppy dog




  1. “The common perception is that bounty hunters are above the law—and in fact, they are not subject to many of the constitutional amendments that govern law enforcement. Bounty hunters are not bound by the constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizures under the Fourth Amendment, the privilege against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment, or the right to counsel under the Sixth Amendment.”

    I hate to ruin all your fun, but bounty hunters are usually scum. (Hey, that rhymes.) But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching them make fools of themselves. 🙂

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