Marvel at your life

It’s in times of distress that we have to reasses what’s important. What achievement means, on a personal level, for you as an individual, and to acknowledge and celebrate these victories.  You need a pat on your back sometimes just for continuing to breath.






    1. As Bipolar on Fire always says to me… put yourself into Emotional ICU. Try to steer clear of the negative and give yourself some love. A knife stabbing at your soul is the last thing you need. If you can step away from those people, then go into seclusion. You are not a failure. Far from it. The challenges you face everyday are impossible to the other mere mortals in our life. And if they don’t understand you, show no compassion? The fact that you are not broken by this proves what a fierce warrior you remain to be. Emotional ICU, regroup, heal your heart and move onward and upward with your head held high, despite the ignorance that surrounds you. Sending you heaps of love ❤

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