Unfolding me

what’s mine

what’s me

what’s meant to be

will unfold naturally

no more sorries

no more worries

where I am and what I have

is just that

my life is a map

not a trap

I’ll explore

what I adore

and that’s all

not more force

or contort

try to control

what I hold

what I have is what is meant to be

so its perfectly enough for me

and who I am

is not damned

the me I’m getting to know

needs to go slow

to explore

exactly what it is I adore

Thank to everyone who lifted me up during a painful and vulnerable episode on Thursday. You each made a difference and I can’t express how comforting it was knowing I have friends who care, and make time to offer support and encouragement. You are all special to me




    1. Thanks Sass. I’m not really doing too well at the moment, but time brings change, so I’m just trying to be patient. Life gets busy. You have a full time partner and kids as well as a job. Its completely understandable that blogging is not regular. Geez, I don’t have a partner or kids and I battle to find the time as well. So I think you’re handling all the demands really well. Thank you for being a friend, its comforting ❤

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      1. I know life has been one big upheaval for you. (Adulting with children and a partner is so Effing hard without bipolar, add it in and it can be a nightmare) I do miss blogging, so very much. I miss talking to all my blog friends and being so vulnerabley honest with you guys and myself…wish we could have tea together, just like I told Blah. 💖

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      2. I genuinely admire how much you handle in your life. As you say, add in bipolar and its almost impossible. I’m alone and I barely cope. I wish we could have a tea party too. I miss Blah so much. I’m kinda trapped in grief over her death. I still can’t believe it

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      3. Being alone makes it even harder, which is so shitty. It’s a no-win situation. My friend, that took her life last October, her death had me so bad off so I can relate to your grief. I was at that desperate point of hospital or psych nurse. I still look for a post from Blah on my feed. It never seems real that they’re gone.

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