I have internet

In defiance of the pain in my back and down my leg, I medicated myself up to the eyeballs to tackle Mission Internet Connection. I chose a different service provider – one that wouldn’t ‘ intimidate’ and strongarm me, and …… I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!! This journey has been a long haul and I’m exhausted. By the end of the process I barely registered what the salesman was telling me about about SSID’s, 2G, 3G, LTE, broadband, bolt speed fibre and WIFI? WIFI! WTF…?? but I’ll figure it out. Between pain and depression, this has been a big achievement for me. I have to say, I already feel a lightness within my depression – the anticipation of feeling less isolated and looking forward to slipping into my old routine.  I feel connected!





  1. Yay! Nice to “see” you. I’m not “Spanglish Jill” anymore. Someone found my blog, someone I loathe, so I changed things around. I’m just “Jill” now. Just wanted to clarify who the heck “J is for Jardín” is. Take good care xx

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  2. That’s AWESOME! When my brother moved it was the last thing he took care of and it boggled my mind. It is always the first thing I get hooked up – even before I move in my furniture. It’s that important to me. My sons and I would be so lost without it! I’m so sorry this has been a huge process for you but glad to hear that it’s finally taken care of for you. ❤

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  3. Perhaps you’re not old enough to remember when the internet was free. You know, join AOL and get 6 months of free internet! Buy a new computer and get a year of free internet! Heck, when I first started working, I used a manual typewriter. 🙂

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    1. Me tooooo! lol. My first job was in the bank in the typing pool and we had manual typewriters and that old telex machine. Eventually computers were introduced. I had to play that ‘follow the ball’ game to learn how to use the mouse!!!

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      1. Ah, telex machines, that brings back memories… like the smell of Liquid Paper. The mouse was hard for me to get used to — the bursitis in my shoulder didn’t like it at all. The motion seriously interrupted my typing speed. Better the mouse than the touchpad, which I have no control over at all. 🙂

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      2. lol !!! Geez, so you’ve lived with pain a long time. What advice would you give me? I so admire the way you always go out and take photo’s of the most amazing beautiful things despite your pain. How do I adapt? Any ideas?

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      3. I guess it’s about using your interests to learn about the ability of distraction. But distraction is such a hard concept to grasp, so general. Sure, you can distract yourself in small increments of time, but pain makes time move so very slowly… And when you’re in pain, you also have to move very slowly…

        Maybe it’s about noticing the little things. I like patterns, which are easy to find in nature. I like puzzles, which I find in photography — interesting light and angles. I like finding the patterns in music, like the beat and the poetry of lyrics. I love desserts, so I like to bake. I just wish someone else would clean up. 🙂

        Finding ways to distract yourself from the pain is not easy. It’s a moment-to-moment kind of thing. You need to create a bag full of ideas, try them out, and see which fit. Good luck, dude. 🙂

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      4. Thanks dude! Yes, time moves very slowly. I will work on collecting my bag of tricks to distract me. Thank you so much for your help. You may think you’re a bitch, but I think you’re an angel. So we’ll compromise… you’re a bitchy angel or an angelic bitch =D

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