The tide of life swims in and out

sometimes so fast I can’t keep count

its tiring

the sighing

and crying

and ‘I don’t want to keep trying’

then up and away

my emotions sway

thoughts stretched tight and in motion

the brain drinking dry the magic potion

then the high drops

and more crying won’t stop

and she drowns

without a sound

sapped dry by the lie

of happy endings

and broken hearts mending



  1. it’s a perfect expression. I may be on a manic swing. I just deleted five or six thousand emails after reading fifty and saving maybe twenty to go back to, from July to September. Or maybe it’s just the effect of being off from work a few days to catch up with shit. Anyway, I hope you find the not-so-lows or highs and stay there a while. My swing goes a month or three at a time, diminished or further discouraged by various triggers. Thanks for writing so beautifully.

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    1. Thanks Deon. That makes me feel happy that you enjoyed it 🙂 Phew, currently my moods are so flexible they come and go with hours apart. I’m emailing my doc today to give him an update. But its pointless really because I can’t go into hospital and I have no money for extra meds. Anyway, I have no doubt I will be on a high by noon today or at the very least by this afternoon 😉


    1. I’m so pleased my experiences could bring you comfort and reassurance. Keep blogging! The love and support I receive here by my fellow bloggers are what sustains me. Being newly diagnosed you will find a wealth of knowledge based on personal experience. We are not alone with our illness


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