New set of wheels

I want to be inspired to live. To be motivated. Find focus. To find the beauty in details, sift through the grunge and pull out a positive. To hear a song that seems to have been written just for me, for where I’m at – whether it’s happy, sad, lonely, angry. To laugh, to smile, to love and to be brave. Big or small, to touch joy and the satisfaction of achievement. Even for only a moment. I want to take stock of my efforts and achievements and revel in the victories. I’m paving my way in an attempt to be joyful and at peace with my life. And here is where I document my travels – every Thursday. Come along for the ride.

I may be paid a poor wage, but the company I work for really looks after their staff in a time of personal crisis. I was touched by my boss’s thoughtfulness in approaching management to motivate the purchase of a kneeling chair for me to help minimise the pain of my sciatica while sitting and working. What a difference its made – supportive in more ways than one!


I’m stylin’with my new set of wheels




  1. I don’t even know how the chair works but the fact that they went to the trouble of getting you a chair so you can be more comfortable while you are at work is amazing. I have never worked at a place where the people cared liked that. Most of the places I have worked at have been nursing homes so sadly the staff are burnt out at best. Worst case scenario is the work environment is toxic. Something like this would never happen at any of the places I have worked. It’s awesome that your management team and work environment is better than that. ❤ We need more of that caring and consideration in the work place, It's just common courtesy so it should be a rule, not the exception.

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    1. YESSSSS! This hurts the living hell outta me. Its agonizing and I feel so guilty that they bought it and I can’t use it!!!! OMG! It’s going to be a ‘floating’ chair so maybe someone else will benefit from it…sooo guilty….


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