My heartfelt thanks


Thank you everyone for reading my last 2 posts and giving me your feedback. Your comments and perspectives are much appreciated. I have no means of replying in good time because I still have no internet at home and there’s only so much blogging I can sneak through at work, especially stuff I want to be thoughtful with – like responding to your comments.

The pain from sciatica has rendered me almost immobile – its been 4 weeks now. My movements are limited to – how far do I have to drive? How far do I have to walk from the car to the shop, how long do I have to stand in the queue and, will I make it back to the car to make the drive and another short walk home? I would say its a real pain in the ass, but its more of a pain in the bum cheek…. and leg….. and calf…. and….. actually its not really funny.

Having no internet has left me loads of time to write. But its kinda rude to keep posting about myself with no reciprocation to yourselves. So, this was a very long way of saying thank you for taking the time to offer your views and personal experiences relative to my previous posts. My friends, you have been extremely helpful, encouraging and have given me pause for thought…..

For those who feel like reading more, my hypomania lasted all of about 6 hours *shrug* that’s rapid-cycling for you, I guess. And as with Bipolar II, I’m back in depression with suicidal ideation. Obviously telling you means I won’t do it. I haven’t let my doc know. Don’t see the point because I’ve run out of money and time off work. Ahhhh, the life of a bipolar. I am fucking exhausted.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be up and running as soon as sciatica allows me to.



  1. I hope you’re free soon, but in this present time, not in the future or the “sweet bye and bye.” Keep us posted the best you can. ❤ (((Pieces Of Bipolar))) I'm hoping, if I hug tight enough, maybe it'll help keep the pieces together.~DM

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    1. Thanks Deon 🙂 Hugs are always appreciated. I’d do anything at this stage to keep all the nuts and bolts of myself together. I really am despairing with my back. But I desperately need internet and hope to manage to get it done in the next few days *secretly types at work*


  2. Definitely tell your doctor about the suicidal ideation. Even if it’s passive, it gives him more information about you and how your moods affect your life. You don’t have to be hospitalized with passive, you just have to be aware. Dig into that coping skills box and pull something out.

    I know all too well the pain of sciatica. I hope that it clears soon for you. It really is a pain in the ass!

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    1. You are the first person I know who has bipolar and suffers with sciatica. What a relief that you know the struggle between emotion and physical pain. I have been walking on the very edge of the edge. Thankfully its subsiding now. But it hit days after the move, hearing about Ulla etc. I’m just trying to take one day at a time. No one said life was easy. Thanks for your support Leslie ❤

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