How to repurpose left-over chicken soup

I am bipolar and a recovering anorexic made fat by both side effects of bipolar medication, and a damaged thyroid caused by Lithium. Living single and alone, its not only a challenge to cook for one, but it’s a daily battle to eat a nutritious, balanced diet. Or even just to eat at all. I transition between starvation, comfort and binge eating. Everything to extreme, and nothing balanced. This is my weekly journal documenting my eating patterns, moods and thoughts. An attempt to keep account of my successes and failures with food.

The original chicken and veggie soup

The original chicken and veggie soup

And then the magic happens......

And then the magic happens……

Just add cream. For a different flavour, it really is that simple

Just add cream. For a different flavour, it really is that simple






  1. If you don’t mind me asking, how long were you on Lithium before you started to have issues with your thyroid? I recently had my thyroid tested and I now have to take thyroid medication because it isn’t functioning as well as it should. It doesn’t seem to be the Lithium because I had only been on it for 3 weeks when that test was done, but who knows. Granted, I was on Lithium once before, but even then, I don’t think I was on it that long then either because it gave me heart issues.

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    1. I was on lithium for a few weeks before I felt the effect of hypothyroidism. And lithium is notorious for damaging the thyroid. But my bet is its the lithium causing problems with the thyroid. When I have my lithium blood levels tested the doc tests the thyroid function along with it. I wish you well on lithium. Despite the negatives, I have benefited so much from its positives

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      1. Ugh. I was on it for 6 months the first time without them testing my thyroid at all. This time, we tested it during my first Lithium level draw, which was 3 weeks after starting back on Lithium. I am on meds for hypothyroidism now and my doctor said we’ll keep checking it to make sure it doesn’t get worse. Lithium helps SO MUCH with my moods. I’d hate for anything to cause me to go back off of it again.

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  2. I enjoyed that. Took me back in time to when I first quit drinking. I have been sober since 1991. I craved sweets so bad I bought out all the chocolate in Louisiana. I was starting to get concerned until I read something in “Living Sober” written by a bunch of the first AA’s that made it past 5 year sober. Their advice based on what worked for them. One of them wrote ” No one has ever relapsed on a full belly or got arrested for driving fat “

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