I write a lot
sometimes I just can’t stop
posts stored away
never seen the light of day
posts marked incomplete
and others complete
scribbled ideas
half done and in arrears
for fear they will not please

but no more
these words implore
we want to breathe
we want to leave
the confined darkness
from where we started
let us show what you know
all the highs and all the lows
so I agreed to set free
these many pieces of me
I hope you’re ready
there’s stories aplenty



  1. The first part of this poem felt like it was directed at me. Just yesterday I stumbled upon a mess of sticky notes with ideas on them. Some of them have me wondering what I’m was thinking about.

    Ready to read your stories aplenty.

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  2. Ahahaha, I do this. I have so many unfinished works that I promise myself I’ll tell. I’ve recently started using a whiteboard putting the titles up and I keep adding to it and removing stuff with complete. It’s not a motivator in anyway but helps me not to forget.

    I think this is a piece that really strongly resonates with any writer struggling to finish that one piece and ending up starting so many others. You’ve captured this so well its a really great poem and I’m so excited to see what comes next!!!!

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    1. hahahaha thank you so much, Cameron! Isn’t it crazy. I’ll start something and my mind goes somewhere else and next thing I’m working on 10 half finished articles. Expression is food for the soul. So if I leave them lying unseen, its a waste. Just like throwing food away is waste. Well that’s how I see it. Each piece of work contains pieces of me. I need to set them free ❤

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