Love affliction

two weeks to go but you wouldn’t know

by the lack of excitement for my new home

with each box that’s sealed

more sorrow’s revealed

thoughts of Lover return in full colour

this house serves as my one last memory

of a love before it turned into my enemy

I have not one shred of his evidence left

except this place and leaving, I’m feeling bereft

I don’t know why I still cry

I guess grieving takes a while

I know I served as a distraction

a mere thieving transaction

I have no doubt I am washed from his mind

except for my name to be used in his lies

but he broke me and realistically

it’s an eternity to heal and feel whole again

especially after his ill gotten gains

a conman who held my heart in his fist

I wish I could give this love affliction a miss



  1. Achingly bittersweet. How a house holds more than just your belongings but your life.
    This is a wonderful conflict of emotions wanting to be free of the bad memories but know there may still be good ans the bereft lack of anything for the new that replaces a rich history.
    I really enjoyed this, it really analyses the confusion of the moment rather wonderfully.

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    1. Thank you Cameron. You’re right, it is a confusing time. It was a confusing relationship. But it was a very destructive relationship, so move on I must. But I leave his ghost behind, with the broken, unfulfilled hopes and dreams *sigh*

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      1. Those are the worse ghosts. Yet ghosts only exist when they still have a purpose. In this move the ghost will have nothing left and will move on are you are.
        It’s a brave move and one you’ll feel better of and excited by once your settled. Sometimes the move isn’t the exciting part it’s the realisation that you’ve made a new home.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s the part I always feel will excite me, I don’t care about the move it’s once all my bookcases are organised and my displays and up and the hat rack has its place of pride with all my sexy fedoras then I’ll be at peace and never allow visitors. Ahaha!!!


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