Like mother like daughter

they wanted a child

for a very long while

I took nine years to make

so I was no mistake

but this little girly

arrived too early

I wasn’t quite due

and it was all too new

and frightened she withdrew

nurses called it ‘the baby blues’

but that’s not true

it was the start

of her slow depart

from this reality

to her own private sanctuary

a world only she knew

and one for which there was no cure

I thought I had made her ill

but now I take the same pills

and slowly depart

down my own personal path

genetically linked

its hard not to think

I will follow her flight

and descend to the light



  1. Yesterday I watched the recent documentary about Nina Simone. I didn’t know she suffered from bipolar. And the documentary includes her daughter talking about what it was like to live with someone who was bipolar. Seems to me that many artists suffer from depression and bipolar — perhaps you have some hidden artistic talent? Dude, can you sing? 🙂


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