When it rains it pours

So I was out of order due to depression. That’s it’s own story reserved for another time, and I’m doing well now. But you know that saying ‘when it doesn’t rain it pours’? Well, I hurt my back again – sciatica.

Holy hell it hurt. At work, I was told to get it sorted out once and for all. I wanted to go the physio route, but that didn’t correspond with getting it sorted out on demand. So off I went to the doctor, who refered me to a neurosurgeon who booked me into hospital. And there I stayed for 5 days being poked, prodded and drugged while still in an enormous amout of pain.

A slipped disk at L5 was diagnosed. Xrays, an MRI scan, loads of morphine and three days later – I was still no better off. An operation with a 3 week recovery period was considered, but an epidural decided upon. But for all the pain, it didn’t take. Of course it didn’t take! Nothing with me is ever uncomplicated or easy.

I was discharged this past Sunday, a horrifying R4000 lighter in pocket, and in just as much pain as I started with. The lesson I will take from this is, never ever undertake a medical health decision in order to please, or appease, someone unrelated to your life. Since then I’ve been seeing a physio, as I’d originally intended, and I’m making good progress.

In keeping with the raining and pouring theory, my internet connection at home has finally breathed it’s last death-rattle. So I’m out of touch with the rest of the world for now. I need to wait until I move into my new place on 1 September to decide on a new service provider. So my lack of visits to your blogs are not intentional. In fact I miss you all very much. I can go top secret, undercover and covertly sneak in a few posts and catch up with my wordpress friends intermittently here at work. But shhhh, don’t tell anybody I’m using ‘work resources’.

So please bear with me for the next month or two. Love ya guys ‘n gals



  1. Oh ughhhhh..I am thinking things have to get better, right?! You could have went on a beautiful vacation somewhere other than the hospital and you probably didn’t even get any R&R except for feeling medicated. Hope you’re feeling a bit better

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      1. Yes, things can only get better! I am finally realizing that the one thing that is consistent is that life is filled with inconsistency. There are always mountains to climb and valleys deep enough to keep us trapped as the winds pick up and the rain pours down. But if we survive and climb out there is a rainbow of hope and sun shines on our face…in your case, the sun will shine healing warmth on your back.

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    1. You were on my mind a lot before and during my hospital stay. I don’t know how you deal with physical, chronic pain. Really, I have a new found respect for you and the pain you live with. I don’t know how you do it and still keep active with your photography, have a positive outlook and wage a campaign for chronic pain sufferers via your blog. I have great respect for you ❤

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      1. How kind of you to notice my struggles, especially while dealing with so many of your own. The struggle to survive should always be respected, so I send that respect right back to you. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been wondering about you. I should have emailed you, but my computer is producing death rattles and I’m nursing it along as best I can.

    I am so sorry about your back. You’re right about never undertaking medical decision to make others happy. That sentence really struck me.

    I can’t wait for you to move. I’m so excited for you!

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    1. Hi Leslie 🙂 Thanks, but it is coming along nicely now that I’m seeing the physio. I’m so happy to hear my learning curve struck a chord with you. For me, that’s enough to say this journey has all been worthwhile ❤

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