Frozen pre-packed meals to the rescue

I am bipolar and a recovering anorexic made fat by both side effects of bipolar medication, and a damaged thyroid caused by Lithium. Living single and alone, its not only a challenge to cook for one, but it’s a daily battle to eat a nutritious, balanced diet. Or even just to eat at all. I transition between starvation, comfort and binge eating. Everything to extreme, and nothing balanced. This is my weekly journal documenting my eating patterns, moods and thoughts. An attempt to keep account of my successes and failures with food.

I’ve been depressed all week and have neglected a healthy diet. I had an orange two nights in a row so that should give you an indication. I did however, make a big batch of cheese sauce and soup last weekend which I pre-packed and froze. The heat and go soup was a saving grace, as was the cheese sauce. I was able to make a quick macaroni and cheese for two nights and a baked potato smothered in cheese sauce the next.





  1. Well do I know the struggles emotional disorders have with weight. There is another, lesser known type of an eating disorder known as “Orthorexia” -
    When I am not oscillating between binge eating or restrictive eating, I follow a rigid, healthy diet that one may consider orthorexic. It seems you may, at times, endure a similar scenario.
    i wish you luck with your journey regarding both your physical and mental health!

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