Out of order due to depression

I’ll be back, maybe, in a while


fighting myself


  1. Sometimes we need to take a break to realize how much writing actually helps us. I began to feel like I had to make sure I wrote something every single day. You don’t. It’s not about how many follows or likes, although it is nice to know people are there, it’s about expressing your emotions in a safe place without judgement. We’ll still be here for you!

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  2. Thinking of you, dear friend. Hope you’re being kind to yourself. And nurturing. Remember that Emotional ICU. Put yourself in it and try to use your best self-care skills. You can punch me for saying this, but it will get better.

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  3. You should still write even if its just for yourself and you throw it away after – it may help to organise your thoughts. I wish you all the best, depression is horrendous and nearly always impossible to explain to others. But you can get through it!


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