you did not stay

you ran away

‘cos I am strong

and you were wrong

thought I’d bend to your will

and you’d take your fill

but you made a mistake

in pre-empting my fate

I stood up and said no

so you ended the show

‘cos you couldn’t control

someone as bold





    1. Oh Bradley YESSSS! I’m definitely growing. I’ve been seeing a therapist and she told me an event creates a thought which creates an emotion. So to change a negative emotion I have to go back to the thought, change it and the emotion will change. I thought she was talking a load of shit but it really works. A narcissist ‘feeds’ off vulnerability, trusting women with no boundaries. Since I’m not like that anymore, I changed my thoughts of being discarded and abandoned to…. he knew he couldn’t control me, so I served no purposed, so he ran away. I now feel SO empowered, strong. I even walk differently. This is a breakthrough for me 🙂

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