Boundaries – don’t let the door hit you on the way out

*leopard crawls out of foxhole*

I never expected to be upset about the dissolution of my brief relationship with The Narcissist. But I have to look further than the immediate hurt and rejection; farther than all my screaming abandonment issues. I must consider the bigger picture.

Fact: I am undergoing a crash course in learning boundaries. Discovering what is and isn’t acceptable to me. How to establish boundaries and most importantly how to enforce them. It is along these lines that my interaction with The Narcissist has been a resounding success.

I was able to establish and clearly communicated my boundaries. And when he overstepped the mark, I had the courage to say NO immediately. Believe me I get the bigger picture. I’m by no means invincible. I am concerned that time and loneliness may erode this great determination of mine. And one day when I’m vulnerable, he could worm his way back in with his charm. But I’m hoping I know better, and by default, do better

*crawls back into foxhole*

limit - 08-07-16






  1. You are worth so much more than wasting your feelings and thoughts on the Narcissist. He has chosen to surround himself with darkness, no culpability or regard for your feelings. Your feelings are important and valid. I wish you a speedy recovery over him. “Just because someone shouts louder than you doesn’t make them right”, and they usually are the ones left looking like the butthole. Don’t worry about the loneliness, this is time for you to recover and become even stronger-look at it that way. Please be well and read this over and over. I’m here for you.

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