Distraction dangers

I am so easily distracted. From one minute to the next. I battle to sit still. Jump up to do this, sit down to just quickly do that. Drifting from one activity or thought to another in a millisecond. Last night was no different. I was watching TV, cooking, doing stuff on my computer, getting rubbish bags ready for collection tomorrow and running a bath all at the same time. Flitting halfway through one task and on to the next. Add a terrible memory to the mix?

I forgot all about the bath filling up!


Caught in the nick of time


Luckily I caught it just before it would have overflowed. Disaster averted! I feel so guilty because we are in the middle of a drought. What an unnecessary waste of water. But then I rationalised – what about all those depression days when I can’t make the effort to bath? So by my calculations, I figure I break even. Maybe tonight I must just have patience and wait until the bath is run, before doing my evening distractions.


Say what you mean, and mean what you say

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