I’m married to a Bipolaroid…

A powerful piece highlighting the reality of truly loving someone with bipolar. Great advice for partners, friends or family members giving honest insight into a relationship with a person with bipolar

Recruit's Story


I’ve been wanting to write a post about being married to a bipolar disorder sufferer. Wait, sufferer is not the correct word… Anyway, the point is that my wife Ilze, was diagnosed many years ago, many years before we even met. She shared all of this with me before we even starting dating – pretty much in the first full conversation we ever had, which was via Facebook messenger, I might add, as I was halfway across the world in the Middle East!

So I guess I knew what I was choosing when we started and even when I proposed, or at least I thought I knew…

We’ve just gone past 11 months as a married couple – it’s been amazing. But its also been a challenge – sometimes extremely difficult…sometimes and I’m not proud of this, I’ve wished she was different…sometimes I’ve wanted to run away…But I’ve learned a…

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