I Have Weeds

“But weeds are strong. They’re stubborn. And they have a very strong will to live” – How do you weed through your pain? Read this wonderful article and be inspired

All Things Chronic

Weeds are like unresolved pain — they’re unsightly, ugly, and hard to get rid of. And they don’t belong on our beautiful lawns. (Hey, that rhymes.)

But when I look at yesterday’s photo of the weeds growing in my front yard, I don’t think they’re ugly at all. They’re very green with little yellow flowers and leaves with an interesting shape. It’d be nice if they were medicinal and smokeable… but I digress.

See, last year when the weeds popped up, the apartment manager hired people who doused everything with a very strong and toxic-smelling weed killer. Poison. You know, where all the dogs and kids play. That awful smell lasted for days… and all just to kill some weeds.

How much more expensive could it be to have someone pull them out by hand? However, considering the amount of dog poo in these areas (see bottom, right-hand corner), I’m…

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  1. thanks for sharing that. I have weeds too. guessing we all do. some more so than others right? when i first started blogging about my abuse I used this comparison. when life gets overwhelming and we feel trapped and stuck and depressed we get lost in the weeds. so many weeds that you can’t see the flowers. heck, you can’t even see the ground. the weeds keep growing and multiplying. weeds begin to overtake you. it’s a hot mess and you can’t think where to start. pulling them by hand would be so tedious. dousing them with chemicals seems quick….but….so therapy is like pulling the weeds by hand. everyday you need to go out and pull a few. they keep growing and you keep pulling. everyday you have to pull some and then they won’t inundate you. there is a hot season when you have to work harder and a cooler season where you maybe get a bit of a respite. Maybe sometimes the chemical help a bit but you have to keep pulling. I love you.

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