Just a thought #4

Bound by the past

The person I am today, is a product of my past; of my own personal history – circumstances, reactions, choices. I am the direct result of all my yesterdays.

just a though 4 pic


  1. I often think this, but the truth is you may be marked, shaped and influenced by the past but you are not bound to it. It may feel like an anchor or a chain around you, holding you to it, but you are not bound. It is a journey, a road stretching behind you. Scenery and memories. The only thing you are bound to is the steering wheel. Where you go next, when you stop and how fast you go is entirely up to you. I look forward to reading about it, I really enjoy your blogs x


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 A great, fresh perspective. You mention being marked by the past and I like that phrase. Should the mark run so deep as to change you in a fundamental way, in a way that changes your current behaviour, wouldn’t that be tethering one to a past event? Resulting in a change of behaviour that may be negative? I look forward to hearing your view point


      1. I see what you are saying, that an event or a moment so powerful could forever have you tethered to the past, but the tether is an illusion. Perhaps it’s even an illusion of our own making, making us think we are bound to it. We’re not. We might think we carry it and let the experience (good or bad) influence our every decision and have it define us in certain ways. The past is in the rear view mirror, the memories are present but we are not bound to them, we can choose to change, to forget or to ignore the past if we have to, we will still carry the marks however, but they don’t hold us to anything.

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      2. I hear what you’re saying, and its a different and also valid take on the matter. I do still believe, personally, if I am irrevocably changed by an event, I remain tied to it as it becomes an influence in my future choices and decisions. Thank you so much for this lovely discussion. I do enjoy a good exchange 🙂 Please visit again.

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