A hypomania job well done

shooting star

Well, I’ve fallen off the shooting star that was my hypomania. But the good news is I didn’t have too far to fall. I have developed a strategy that seems to be working well for me. An anti-anxiety (Rivotril) during the day to damp down that bubbling brew of over-excitement and stop it from boiling right over. And I added a little something extra (doc approved olanzapine 10mg) to go with my sleeping meds, which guaranteed a full night of sleep.

So the episode only lasted a few days, I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed myself, and… bonus, thanks to my management plan, I have no damage control to mop up after the fact. I do have a bit of flu. Its understandable. When my system runs at such a high frequency its natural for the immune system to take a strain. But if a few sniffles are the price to pay for such glorious happiness, it’s a cost I’m more than willing to pay. All in all I say – a job well done!





    1. Thanks Tempestjoy 🙂 I was vigilant, tried to keep myself on a leash, and think the key was taking the olanzapine at night. I had no choice but to sleep. Insomnia tends to feed the hypomania. I’m satisfied that this current plan worked so well 🙂

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