Happy day’s a happenin’

happy day

Today I was happy. Three physiotherapy treatments later and my back is back to normal. I no longer look like the hunch back of Notre Dame, all crippled and dragging my right leg behind me. I am pain free, manic and livin’ large!

My text messages were all ‘LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL’. I sang out loud in the car going to work. I walked with my head held high, making eye contact with people, smiling at them. Who’d a thought!

I even talked at work. Yes *solemn nod of the head* I actually participated and socialised. Which is a remarkable difference to my usual silent, gloomy and potentially dangerous air – earphones plugged in, Linkin Park on repeat a reflection of my internal struggle. My own personal thunder storm escaping far from the madding crowd.

No, there were no earphones today. Today I was shouting out to be heard above the chaos, waving my arms around, all animated ‘n stuff. And was I ever funny? So funny. I had them rolling in their office desk chairs, screaming with laughter. Ohhhh, I’m so funny when I’m manic….. My brain has a clear signal to my funny bone. My colleagues just LOVED me today. I noticed the new girl even lost that almost frightened look when she glanced my way. I was light and fun and funny and engaging, smiling, laughing. I even danced a bit with one of the girls. A beautiful youngster was teaching me something called ‘dabbin’. Hey, I was cool, got my gangsta on. My back is fixed, I’m manic, I can conquer the world.

I bet my colleagues wish I was always like this. So do I. Yes, today was a happy day. They are few and far between. So I am enjoying this one to the hilt.



  1. Eye contact. Yes. Dan used to joke that I was half autistic because of a lack of eye contact during a good chunk of my social interactions.

    I also use the master class tool of social isolation at work, headphones. Mine are big an chunky, they look like noise canceling ones. Often times I am not even listening to anything.

    Dancing is a language of my people. You know I just #follow #thatdancing #dude #onthe #instagram #.

    Hope you get to hang on to that happiness.

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    1. You lie! I’ve half thought I could possibly have aspergers!! SNAP! Its always validating hearing someone who feels and does the same things I do. I feel less alienated, especially as we have the same headphone gear to ward off evil encounters with other humans 🙂

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