Stop beating yourself up

Living with bipolar disorder sometimes means living with a great sense of failure. Our genetics are wired differently and one of the many consequences of being ‘faulty’ means we are inconsistent.


The highs and lows make it difficult to follow through on tasks – over committing when hypo/manic, to withdrawing when depressed. Our social anxieties, OCD and panic attacks ostricise us and our lives become overwhelmed with self-doubt, self-loathing and guilt; feeling that we have disappointed loved ones, not lived up to expectations

give yourself a break

The remedies to this situation are not easy. But we do as we always do, we try. And we keep on trying:

  • don’t set high expectation that are unrealistic. Keep your expectations reasonable and within proportion
  • no two bipolar disorders present in the same way. Don’t compare yourself to others
  • don’t take the judgments of ordinary folk to heart. They do not walk in your shoes
  • above all, try to treat yourself gently, to love and accept yourself
  • and never, ever give up trying


      1. lololol that is too true. I always remember a scene in Dead Poet’s Society, where Robin Williams character made the one school kid stand up on his desk to create a poem or something. And its an excellent way to gain a fresh perspective. To this day, I do stand on a table if the moment calls for it πŸ™‚

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