Tune in Tuesday’s – A dedication to your inner self

It’s more than just music. It heals, it comforts and it motivates. It is relatable – to our pain, our sorrow, our energy or joy. And then there is the great escape. Music makes the world recede, providing a refuge and a sense of peace.

Gangs of Ballet is a local South African band. I view this song from the perspective of self-love. My own self and my bipolar self co-existing in harmony and considerate of one another. For each to never stop caring, to keep one another safe from harmful thoughts and actions, and to never let go during times of darkness

I am your arms, you are my feet
And tomorrow could be our new day
Please don’t let me go
I said please don’t let me go
With the world outside of our doors
I’ll be safe here in your arms
I said please don’t let me go
Don’t let me go”
Gangs of Ballet – Don’t let me go



Say what you mean, and mean what you say

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