I blame therapy

therapy 3

Well that was quite the shit-fit I threw yesterday. Sooo embarassed. Was going to delete my account *gasp* But didn’t. At last, a small piece of reason prevails.

I blame the therapy on Thursday. How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb must want to change. It dug up all sorts of ugly. By my outburst I’m willing to bet, issues of abandonment (noooooo!) and issues of self-worth (ya think?)

My homework is to tell her ‘what made me tick as a child’? Not what made my happy. What made me tick. I don’t understand the real difference. But being as a psychologist is a person who will tell you what everybody already knows, in a language nobody can understand, I guess I’ll just have to figure it out. I see her again on Thursday. She’s actually quite nice.

Doctor,” said the receptionist over the phone, “there’s a patient here who thinks he’s invisible.”
Well tell him I can’t see him right now”

therapy 1

I’m off Trazodone. Don’t nobody ever mention that filthy unmentionable to me again. And I took 50mg Espiride and a Rivotril this morning. I am just dandy. You see! Back with a bite of sarcasm. It definitely is a side effect of Espiride. But sarcasm means I’m beginning to fire on all cylinders again, kinda, so no complaints here.

therapy 2


    1. Ditto to not “nuking” your blog. Hopefully you see some benefits from the “homework” but if not, then perhaps you need to question what your therapist is doing certain things.

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    2. Thanks Leslie 🙂 Ja, much better, still teary and what not, but oh so better. I’m finding it hard going into my childhood and finding no happy memories – my job was to keep the peace and make everyone happy. I’m not looking forward to this Thursday’s session…

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  1. A little sarcasm never hurt anyone. Alot on the other hand… Use it and run! Who cares if it’s a side effect of the med? You are feeling better, and your Dr didn’t listen so you had to take control and TA-DA!
    I agree with Blah, you didn’t have a shit fit. You have been in pain for so long.
    I think Leslie had it right about the homework. How you tick/do what you do mean the same thing. Just be prepared for the flood of emotions that come with the dissection of it.
    I love sarcasm. It’s how I’ve gotten through life, and I think about of people are walking around with sticks up they’re assess that need surgically removed with a good tongue lashing. I’m having popcorn to cheer you on!!

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    1. lol I love that! I join you on the popcorn! Yes, I’m taking that sarcasm and building on my vocabulary. It’s quite empowering feeling that my mind is getting strong enough to do sarcasm. Hmpf! My childhood, not looking forward to dealing to with the aftermath of that session. Thanks for your support SassaFrass ❤

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