Enlightened and Reinvigorated

No small action ever goes unrewarded. My friend, Tempestjoy, turned her passion into impetus as she protested for the rights of the homeless. Her efforts have been contagious and with a small network building, there is the promise of great things to come. Go Tempestjoy, you rock!

Brain Different

Today I had planned to take my sign to city hall. I heard there was a meeting, but I didn’t know the details, like when, where and if it was public, but I thought if I just stood outside, maybe someone would notice and talk to me.

One of my friends texted me first thing this morning to tell me the meeting was at nine.

First let me say, I was so excited that someone else cared enough to make sure I knew when it was! SO COOL!!

Also, she did me a huge favor because I knew then, that I couldn’t make it to school drop off and find the meeting in time, so I looked online and found that I could stream it live from home and not a moment too soon as they were just getting started.

For 3 solid hours, I listened to what had been done, what…

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