I’m tired. I can’t be bothered. I have no more data available at home. No time at work ‘cos busy ‘n shit. Too much pressure. No time. No inclination. Like DianeTharpe’s old blog-I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere.

Never feel like I belong. Tired, bloated, fat and friendless. Go fuck myself



  1. You sound exactly like me during so many times in my life.
    Will be thinking of you today – please let us know how you’re doing over the weekend if you’re up to it.
    If you lived here I’d be your friend.

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    1. I’ve been thinking of this comment all night. It’s good I don’t fit in because it means I’m an individual. But its so lonely. But I love the phrase, its decisive, ballsy and strong. I am going to adopted it as a new attitude. Fitting in is so yesterday anyway…

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  2. This seems to be contagious. I just want to run away. Where to, I don’t know. I feel alone and like life has passed me by. I get a few good days at a time and when they happen I don’t want them to end. I’m confused about trying to sell my jewelry, neutering the dog, needing an eye exam, or saying f*ck it and taking a vacation alone! The Hospitals are now calling to collect their money for when my kidneys failed. I told a guy today that I had a “terminal illness” and he can get in line after I’m dead for his money. ( I’m not really dying, he just pissed me off) Neither Hospital helped me and actually made things worse so I’m not paying them. Everything sucks lately. I understand you and I’m here.

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    1. Thank you Darie. And I’m sorry you’re going through such turmoil as well. It never rains but it pours. We’ll get through this in the end. We’ll break through to some easy, sunny days that don’t have debt collectors 😉

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  3. Ok, I know I already commented, but I’m afraid you are going to go away and I don’t know how to handle that. Even if you feel 1,000 x’s better when you get this comment, can you please email me at Tempestjoy10@gmail.com ? I would love to send data cards to keep you live when at home. I really feel a connection to you and don’t want you to go.

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    1. I promise, I’m not going anywhere. And you’re very kind to offer to buy data, but I’ve made a plan and have enough for the month. I’ve updated my contract so I would never run out but on Thursday when I went to do it they were off-line and blah, blah, blah. So I’m hoping as of next week I will have more than enough at my disposal. Rather spend the money on your protest or even better on all your precious kitty kats that I would love to scoop up and love and kiss and squeeze ’til their eyes bulge out. You’re an angel, and we do share a connection. And I’m afraid I’m here to stay 😉 ❤

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