Picket Lessons 101

My friend, Tempestjoy is so brave! When problems arose regarding something close and precious to her heart (the homeless + Tent City), she felt helplessness and despair. But in a display of loyalty true grit, she turned it around, using her resources of time + presence, she showed her support and rallied for change for the benefit of others. In my eyes, she is the butterfly wing in the dense forest and I look forward to seeing the ripples play out. She doesn’t just talk the talk. This lady walks the walk!

Brain Different

In a previous post I went on a tirade about the Mayor’s decision to evict people from Tent City the first week of May. One of my favorite bloggers Pieces encouraged me to make my voice (message) heard.

So I made a sign and stood on a busy street corner for an hour and a half yesterday.


Here is what I learned:

1. I’m incredibly out of shape. It felt really good though to be walking though and I was happy I managed to hang in there for that long.

2. You should always remember sunscreen. I had on short sleeves and a ball cap. I knew my face was protected and I was trying to use my arms as a gauge on when I’d had enough sun, as I didn’t think anything else was at risk. WRONG My shirt was an oval cut and I burnt the hell out…

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  1. Good for you for taking action. This thing about hiding the homeless or forcing them to leave town, is getting more common in cities across the country. It breaks my heart. So cold and callous.

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