Easter sunrise

Despite my low mood yesterday, I seized the early morning and abandoned the sunrise from my deck and headed to the beach for a better view. I’m glad I did. The beachfront was busy at 6.30am. And for the third day in a row on this long weekend, I got outta the house.

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I think I overdid my personal challenges because I awoke in the wee hours of this morning with my head down the loo. My IBS is being a nuisance, I haven’t been sleeping well (hence the profusion of sunrises), so I decided three out of four wasn’t bad, and gave myself the day off today. No going out. Until I realised it was Easter and I hadn’t had a bite of chocolate. So, out the house and off to the shops.

Four outta four. I did it. I’m proud of myself!



      1. My pleasure. It really IS a big deal. I totally get that. I didn’t even leave the house every day last weekend (BIG smile right back atcha!!)

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