Forgotten kindness

What has happened to kindness
have we all put it behind us
does our world move so fast
that its broken our hearts
and we’re immune
so out of tune with our fellow man
we no longer can
offer simple kindness?

Like a plague of blindness
to the part of another’s heart
that cries
yet we walk on by
undisturbed or perturbed
it’s a world so sad and driven mad
only in it for what can be had
at another’s expense
it doesn’t make sense

Kindness is a virtue
offered up by so very few



  1. So, so true! You have the poetry gift. Every time I drive I see this piece in its entirety; some drive so thoughtfully, but most drive like selfish assholes consumed with consumerism, and they forget there are live, sensitive people inside every car.

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    1. Thanks so much Dyane 🙂 Makes me feel good to hear such a lovely compliment. Absolutely. To me, it seems like everyone has blinkers on, only seeing their path forward, with no thought of others around them. Sometimes I feel kindness is dying virtue

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  2. Wonderfully written piece. It’s such a true examination of the ignorant selfishness of modern society. The world is smaller that it every was and we’ve retreated not to live as introverts but self involved. Kindness has been forgotten, it’s not used online in a sea of ego driven personalities and personas so as the world becomes more and more digitally inclined kindness fade from the ‘analogue’ world.
    What you’ve captured here is very beautiful but a starkly honest and sadly true view of the world we live in.
    It doesn’t take much, I thank my bus driver, I tip my hat at car drivers who’ve stopped to let me cross the street. I take off my earphones when being served in a store. I won’t let it die I can’t give up on a simple kindness like telling a writer that they have a voice that’s worth listening to! ❤


    1. I agree, the more technology, the less human one on one interaction, the more self involved people become. Some people are unkind and call it humour. There is a line somewhere that gets crossed. You sound like a gentleman. Kindness costs nothing but a few seconds of your time – that’s my theory. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

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      1. It’s a painful cycle, the more connected we become through technology the more we lose our compassion and awareness of others. We respond the the physical and chemical reactions of physical contact, with that being ignored development is stunted.

        Seconds can mean everything to someone struggling and even to those who’re not. It shouldn’t just be your theory, it should just be done without thought. Kindness should be second nature for all not just for a select few innocent souls.

        I wear a fedora, I think thats a prerequisite to be a gentleman 😄

        It’s my absolute pleasure to comment ❤


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