I fell apart, but got back up again

I’m feeling a bit better. The physical pain has gone. The pain of feeling my chest constrict, unable to take in a breath, my body going cold with each thought of him. That has disappeared. Now, it’s all about the emotional aspect. I still weep, while trying to tell myself ‘it’s not personal’. I am waging a war against feeling unwanted – the logic is there but the feeling…..? Nah, just not getting it.

Time is the only salve for this wound. That, and music. So I turn to my tried and trusted favourite of all favourites, the one song in the world that does it for me, that gets me back up on my feet over, and over, and over again, and keeps me fighting until my very last breath…….




  1. I’m so sorry you are going through heartache, believe me I can sympathize! I hope it gets easier, it will, just keep going, you got up, and that took a lot of strength! What can I say except I wish I had a salve to soothe your aching heart. I’m sending you lots of hugs.

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    1. Thanks my friend! Its like you going to gym – I don’t wanna get up. I wanna stay on the floor in the foetal position. But I force myself. Everyday. You and your ass-defining bicycle riding inspire me to get up and get on with things 🙂

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