Finding Hope

I’m all about hope. It’s what keeps me alive. This post touched my heart. Dear Darling Sanity is in great need of hope, love and support

On Living in Partnership with Mental Health

Last week was bad. I know what the problem was. I’m depressed and I lost hope. Hope is the key to fighting depression. The hope that it will one day get better, the hope that this black cloud that gets progressively darker will eventually pass. The hope that this, I, my life can and will get better was snatched from me.

I’m sorry to admit it to you guys as I try to be a beacon of hope for those struggling but I tried two nights in a row to take my own life. I was admitted to hospital and again I tried to take my life and at the time- to my dismay- it didn’t work out.

It made me think that perhaps it’s not supposed to be. I’m not supposed to die but that wasn’t enough. I needed to die. I saw the Dr today though and he…

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    1. Aaaaw shucks *scuffs feet* ya makin’ me blush =D Thanks BoF, the feeling is mutual. I know! Let’s wear matching fleece-lined leggings, or, or, move to sunny South Africa and we’ll ‘do’ the beach together ❤ =D


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