A brighter shade of expression

Here’s a little something I posted on the South African site, Our Lived Experience. If you’re an avid colourist, you may enjoy it. And check out http://www.ourlivedexperience.wordpress.com, it’s guaranteed to be interesting!

Our Lived Experience

mandala expression A mandala, brightly coloured, with focus and detail

Mandala’s and adult colouring. Are you a colourist who believes this is the latest therapeutic weapon in the arsenal of bipolar coping tools? An opportunity to gain focus, achieve mindfulness and reduce anxiety.

Do you think it’s just another trend? Perhaps the fun factor appeals to you? Pretty colours and intricate patterns allow a creative outlet. Bored, or just want to unwind? Whatever your theory on adult colouring – it never fails to release the inner child AND IT’S FUN!

Here is a simple 3D mandala to get you started. Not quite as intricate as the above image, it’s a free printable download to get you on your way. Enjoy!

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  1. I love the whole coloring thing, I got turned on to it in the mental hospital and I like to get out the fancy pens and color away, verrrry careeeefulllllyyyyyy because I like it to look perfect, then I cut them out and put them on the wall. I just ordered a coloring book of mandalas with detachable pages, I can’t wait for it to come! Oh Amazon, you’re my best friend….

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