More minefield than mindfulness

When Lover says its gonna be okay, I think it will be. Witnessing my obsessive and futile search for flowers yesterday, he found some of his own today. Presenting me with a sprig of colours for my work area.  He even MacGyvered a salt shaker into a cute little vase.


As I write, my cigarette lies discarded, burning down in the ashtray outside. I’ve been distracted again. I long for peace or serenity or for my mind to just shut the fuck up! Maybe then I would stop hurting myself. Yes, today I closed a door on my thumb. Bloody hell eina!!!!

A minefield of detritus, thoughts are reeling and rolling haphazardly around in my head. I long for quiet mindfulness. The flowers Lover found were right on our doorstep. Yesterday, in my agitated state, I had walked right past them.



Say what you mean, and mean what you say

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